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A winning home buying method.

With our cash backing you can compete against multiple offers and WIN

Want your home buying offer to be 3x more likely to be accepted? Use our Winning Offer program to back it up with cash and remove financing and appraisal contingencies. 

Once you're pre-approved for a mortgage, send us the address of the home you would like to buy. We'll determine our maximum offer amount and provide you a contract addendum that gives the seller a guarantee that the transaction will close - or we'll buy the home with our cash and sell it back to you at the original price. This allows the removal of contingencies for financing which sellers love because they don't need to worry about whether your mortgage will close,

Our contract addendum also guarantees that the home will appraise for at least as much as our approved offer amount. Should the lender's appraisal come in lower, we will make up the difference to the seller. This is another feature sellers love because they are assured their home will sell for the agreed on price even if it appraises lower.

If you need to use our cash-backed offer to buy the home for you, our fee is 2.25% of the sale price. If your loan is ready and you don't need to use our funds, the fee is reduced to 1%.

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How it Works

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Get Pre Approved for Your Mortgage

Getting a full pre-approval to know for certain the mortgage amount and payment you'll qualify for is the first step in buying a home.


Work with an Agent to Find a Home You Love

Work with your real estate agent or we can suggest several great agents to help in your home search. Find the home you love with no need to settle for less.

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Get Your Winning Offer Amount

When you are ready to make an offer, let us know the home details and we'll give you a maximum cash backup amount which we'll guarantee to buy the home for you as whether it appraises for that much or not.

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Your Winning Offer is Accepted by the Seller

Once the seller accepts your offer with our backup guarantees, you'll need to make the required deposit and the property inspection period begins

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Property Inspection

For your protection and ours, the property will be inspected in great detail by a licensed home inspector. 

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After the inspection is approved, you can close on the home with your funds, if your mortgage is ready. Or, if necessary, we'll buy the home and rent it to you for up to 90 days during which time you can buy it back from us at the original price. 

Home Buyer Protection x3.

Appraisal Protection

There are no appraisal contingencies in our Winning Offer Program. Our offer amount is what the seller will receive for the property - even if the appraisal comes in lower.


Property Protection

As part of our offer, we require an property inspection period where an extensive home inspection will be performed by a licensed professional home inspector.  Unlike an appraisal, a home inspection covers all parts of the home and it's systems to find anything deficient or needing repair.

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Closing Protection

After accepting the home inspection results, we guarantee the seller that we'll buy the property, whether your mortgage is ready to close or not.

Signing a Contract

Is Winning Offers a good fit for you?

We're here to help serious home buyers win their offer and close quickly.

Clean Neighborhood

While we believe our service is fantastic, it may not be a great fit for everyone. For now we have a few limitations which may rule out us working with all home buyers. To qualify most of the following needs to apply . . .

  1. You're buying a home in Shelby County, Tennessee.

  2. The sale price is less than $1 million.

  3. The home is located in an area of similar homes with recent similar sales for comparison.

  4. You are pre-approved for a Conventional, FHA or VA mortgage loan.

  5. You have necessary available funds for closing.

(This isn't a complete list and we may accept or decline potential transactions at our discretion.)

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