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A faster, more successful approach to home buying.

With the inventory of homes for sale at an all-time low across America, it's been a challenging time to buy a home recently. As homes are listed, they often receive many offers quickly from anxious home buyers and even large investor groups. Some homes get offers well above the asking price and/or for all cash with quick closings without contingencies for getting a mortgage, sale of another home or even appraisals. This has made it nearly impossible to buy a home for traditional homebuyers who need mortgage financing or have to sell their current home. 

Winning Offers was created to change that environment and level the playing field to allow individuals and families to buy homes again, quickly, and affordably. We do this by using our cash to back your home buying offer, even buying the home if necessary then leasing it to you short-term until you're ready to close on the sale. With mortgage (and appraisal) contingencies removed, your offer is 3X more likely to be accepted by the seller. Also, if you need to sell your existing home to buy another, we can help with offer assistance, buying your home in advance or a bridge loan which allows time to market your home and sell on favorable terms.


A local solution for Memphis area home buyers.

Winning Offers is a Memphis-based venture headed by Travis Chapman, a local mortgage banker and real estate investor with two decades' hands-on experience in the Memphis real estate market. Our local market knowledge allows us to provide a higher level of service than other buyer assistance programs which are typically backed by hedge funds and venture capitalists who use a "one size fits all" plan. We're flexible and work closely with area real estate agents to get results for local home buyers.

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Travis Chapman

Managing Partner

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