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Need to sell your home to buy another?

Quickly sell us your home to free up your equity to buy another home. 

Sellers with attractive properties in this market aren't likely to accept offers contingent on you selling your home first to close. We can step in and buy your existing home at a fair price so you don't need to wait. We'll even rent your home back to you short-term, at a market rental rate until you're ready to move into your new home. So, no moving twice or using temporary housing is necessary. 

You can pair this with our Winning Offer service to get an edge on buying your new home. 

Modern House

How it Works


We'll Appraise and Inspect your Home

If your home fits our program, we'll do an appraisal and home inspection at our expense.

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You'll Get an Express Buy Offer from us

We'll offer you a fair price for your home - taking into consideration our expenses for buying, reselling as well as reconditioning costs.

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Closing on the Sale of Your Home to Us

You'll sign closing documents for the sale of your home to us and get the proceeds from the sale to go toward buying a new home.

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Remain in Your Home and Rent Short Term

No moving twice! Remain in your home and pay us fair market rent for up to 90 days until you buy another home.

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Close on the Purchase of your New Home

You will be able to close on the sale of a new home with money from selling your old home already available.

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Move into Your New Home

After closing on your new home, you'll end your rental agreement with us and vacate the home in good condition.

Is Quick Sale a good fit for you?

Your home is in good condition and you're ready to move soon.

Clean Neighborhood

While we believe our service is fantastic, it may not be a great fit for everyone. For now we have a few limitations which may rule out us working with all homeowners. To qualify most of the following needs to apply . . .

  1. Your home is in Shelby County, Tennessee.

  2. The sale price is less than $650,000.

  3. The home is located in an area of similar homes with recent similar sales for comparison.

  4. Your home is in good condition and up-to date.

  5. You can buy another home and move within three months.

(This isn't a complete list and we may accept or decline potential transactions at our discretion.)

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