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Leasing a Home

Flexible solutions to close more sales.

Outsmart a tough real estate market with local, innovative deal-making.

Winning Offers is your local provider for homebuying services that works with you to turn prospects into closings like nothing else. We are committing serious capital to facilitating homebuying transactions in the Memphis area and looking for relationships with select professional agents.

Advantages for Agents

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Write Offers that are MUCH more likely to be accepted.

All cash offers without home sale, mortgage and appraisal contingencies are 3x more likely to be accepted by sellers.

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Guarantee Closings

Winning Offers guarantees closing after we accept the home inspection. The closing date is assured as are commissions.

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Close More Sales

Work more efficiently. Winning Offers are much more likely to be accepted expanding the number of your buyers who will close.

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